Group Training at Eastbourne Sports Park

At Eastbourne Sports Park, we’ve been working hard for several months to be able to deliver a new and improved facilities, including group training. 


All new Group Training Classes are available at Eastbourne Sports Park from Monday 8th November. 


Amplify – 30mins

Push past your boundaries and up your sweat game with this 30min HIIT training session to ramp up your fitness levels and obliterate those calories

Bodyweight training combined with low weight loads mixed in with cranked up tunes, you’ll love it so much you may want to do it twice.

The Overdrive – 30mins

Upper body anyone? We got ya covered with this reppin’ workout that focuses on chest, back, shoulders, bi’s &tri’s.

Define, build and strengthen the upper body by super setting your training with the 3 P’s (pushin, pullin , pressin)

The Baseline – 30mins

Its all about that base and in this case that’s legs, glutes, hamstrings, calves and quads.  Strengthen, shape, and sculpt your finest assets with this 30min session that focuses entirely on everything from the waist down.

Glute Squad – 30min

Glutes in the house!  Spice up your training game with this 30min focus on glutes.   squat, deadlift, bridge, and dip to strengthen, lift and build . You’ll learn the moves and then hone your skills to  shape and bring out the best of your butt!

X Core - 30min

360 core training that doesn’t just focus on your abs – we mix up training for back, glutes, abs,  and obliques to strengthen your torso and sling muscles which increases lean muscle and aids with improving your strength, power, and performance when training. Everything good starts with your core so show it some XCore love.

The Mash Up 30mins

For those sessions when you just want it all. Combining upper and lower body resistance and bodyweight training for that total body workout. And just when you thought it couldn’t get better, we throw in a bit of cardio too – you can thank us later